Ryan Magro, a guitar player with hard rock influences such as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Audioslave, Led Zeppelin and others, is known for being a songwriter, performer and producer in the local music scene. Studying music thoroughly with a well respected Maltese mentor, Tony Pace, Ryan has been involved with various artists, both on stage and in studio. Playing alongside local solo popstar, Claudia Faniello for several years, Ryan has now focused more on his roots, which are heavily rock-oriented.

Joining Errol Sammut (Airport Impressions) in the writing, production and charity release of “Burton’s Song” for Autism Awareness in 2017, the two went on to work together also on the upcoming Airport Impressions album. This led to Ryan becoming a very active member in the band not just as the main guitar player, but also as an avid songwriter.


2011 (Claudia Faniello) Guest performer Notte Bianca Concert (Malta)
2012 (Claudia Faniello) Guest performer Music Awards (Malta)
2016 (Claudia Faniello) Guest performer Wine & Spirits Festival (Malta)
2016 Guest performer New Year’s Eve National Concert (Malta)
2008 – 2018 Farsons Great Beerfest (Malta)
2012 (Claudia Faniello) Song Festival (Malta)
2018 (Airport Impressions) support act to Bob Geldof, Boomtown Rats (Malta)
2018 Decade – Airport Impressions live in Concert – (Malta)
2018 (Airport Impressions) Hugo’s Terrace NYE (Malta)

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