band front-man & main song writer


Errol Sammut, band front-man & main song writer. Errol’s hard rock influence sent him in the direction of several rock bands prior to forming the band, Airport Impressions. Winning Hard Rock Café battle of the bands years ago with the heavy sounding Sourmash, he veered to a more song writing and lyric injected path where he could spread a message through various stories and song.

The major influences being Johnny Cash, Nirvana, Guns n Roses, Pearl Jam, Audioslave and many more, the songs emanate from totally diverse directions and as he himself likes to say..

“ I don’t like sticking to one genre, one form of musical venture.. I rather write in the direction the current mood pulls me in…”


2008 Founded Airport Impressions
2005-2012 Rockestra (Malta)
2016 Isle of MTV (Malta)
2014 Best Alternative Songwriter Award for ‘Berlin’ (USA)
2016 Midstock Festival, Edinburgh (Scotland)
2016 Exodus, Aberdeen (Scotland)
2016 Pj Molloys, Dunfermline (Scotland)
2016 Duke’s Corner, Dundee (Scotland)
2016 The Green Room, Perth (Scotland)
2016 The Box, Glasgow (Scotland)
2016 Stramash Club, Edinburgh (Scotland)

Airport Impressions has received several awards over the years, including Best Band, Best Artist, Best Song (5 singles), Best Album, Best Website, Best Image, Best DJ’s Choice, Best Artists’ Choice etc.


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